When bus srvice was susopended for the Cancer Center on Route 91 for President Bush's visit it left some unhappy.

My reporting co-hort Nathan Domenighini, editor of the Morton Times-News had an interesting blog entry on Friday.


He wrote:

"I received a call from a rather annoyed visitor at Peoria Cancer Center today - this being the day President George W. Bush arrived in Peoria to campaign for Aaron Schock at Weaver Farms, located just past the Shoppes at Grand Prairie off War Memorial Drive.

"He said patients that use bus service to get to the cancer center were not able to get there because buses were not allowed on that portion of War Memorial Dr. during Bush's visit.

"Wishing to remain nameless, the caller asked me to visit Peoria Cancer Center to see what was up.

"So, I did - in hopes of hearing some comments from staff and visitors sitting in waiting rooms.

"I was not able to get that far - I ended up talking to the receptionist at the front desk about it and she referred me to someone who was not available today. I didn't want to be another thorn in the receptionist's side, so I stepped aside for a moment.

"Wanting some kind of feedback today, I returned to the front desk and asked if there was a public relations official there at Peoria Cancer Center. Again, I was told that person was also unavailable until Monday.

"I gave up - she said it just wasn't a good day, and I could tell she was getting rather annoyed with me. I didn't want to be an inconvenience while the center was already dealing with another issue -- getting patients that had scheduled visits thinking bus service would be available to the cancer center.

"Cancer patients without transportation had no alternatives. Cancer patients needing care or counseling, but had no vehicle or could not drive, had to pay for a cab or have an acquaintence pick them up and drive them to Peoria Cancer Center.

"I was told by the anonymous caller that his doctor said employees at the cancer center had their hands full trying to help patients get to the facility, located off Route 91 near War Memorial.

"I asked the receptionist at the facility what she thought about the situation. She agreed - it was ridiculous - but, there was nothing she, or anyone for that matter, could do about it.


"Because Aaron Schock needs votes - Bush visited Peoria as a private fundraiser for Schock's political campaign for a seat in Congress - not because Bush is here discussing No Child Left Behind or visiting a disaster stricken area.

"Something about that didn't tickle my anonymous caller's fancy.

"I will contact officials at Peoria Cancer Center when they are available on Monday.

"Though the cancer center is located in Peoria, Morton residents, as well as patients from all over Central Illinois could have been affected by this."

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