METAMORA — From the Metamora Township High School building rang the sound of classical music such as the medley from “Star Wars” and several songs from “West Side Story” April 14.

The Central Illinois Youth Symphony concert lasted more than two hours with more than 130 performers from all over central Illinois. Some performers reside in Washington, East Peoria, Chillicothe and Morton, among other areas.

A total of seven reside in Metamora, according to the concert program: Matthew Ambrosch, Teresa Maksimovich, Adam Schmillen, Alex Kasper, Melissa Ambrosch, Logan Freitag and Bethany Trang.

Matthew Ambrosch, Melissa Ambrosch and Maksimovich play the violin; Freitag and Schmillen play trumpet; and Kasper plays trombone.
Meanwhile, performers Mallika Patel, Jordan Rodier, Derek Zimmerman, Kathryn Curtis, Carsten Boast, Hannah Miller, Lizzy Frantik, Lynette Mientus and Mara Boast are all residents of Germantown Hills.

Frantik and Patel play the flute; Rodier plays trombone; Zimmerman plays tuba; Curtis does percussion; Carsten Boast and Mara Boast play violin; Miller plays cello; and Mientus plays oboe.

Amy Zordan, Central Illinois Youth Symphony executive director, said she loves what she does. She received the role of executive director last August and plans to stay for a while.

“I very much plan to stay,” she said. “I very much like my work here.”

Jennifer Suau, CIYS board of directors board member, said she enjoys having Zordan as executive director because of her genuine passion for the job.

“Amy is a Godsend, and she’s awesome,” she said.

While Zordan did took care of the bookkeeping, managing, hiring, grant writing, program development, website maintenance and more, she also said her board of directors deserve credit for their work.

“We have a good team of board members and volunteers who help provide a lot of manpower,” she said.

The board consists of nine members and four officers. In addition, Glenn Block took on the role of music director and Renee Chernick is production manager.

Zordan plays the bassoon herself and substitutes when needed in the Peoria Symphony. She said she began playing while a student at Illinois College in Jacksonville.

Ethan Hobbes, Metamora Township High School junior, also plays the bassoon, which he got to play as part of CIYS. He said he wanted to play bassoon in the symphony because there are not many instances where the bassoon is used in performances.

“There’s not many opportunities to do things with the bassoon,” he said.

He also said he wanted more of a challenge and that performing in CIYS would provide him with that challenge.

“It’s been going great,” he said of how he feels about being part of the symphony.

Meanwhile, Mallika Patel, Metamora Township High School sophomore, plays flute in the symphony. She said she has played since fifth grade.

“Playing in the orchestra is a different thing because your not the main focus,” she said.

Patel added that she did not always prefer being the center of attention and that is why she enjoys being a part of the symphony. She said she originally started with CIYS because of her older sister and friends that influenced her.

David Fenner, Metamora Township High School senior, had the opportunity to do a solo as a french horn player during the “West Side Story” part of the performance. He soloed in the song “Maria.”

“I knew I always wanted to be in music, but I didn’t know how much I would like it,” he said of joining CIYS.

Fenner said he began playing the french horn eight years ago because he enjoys that the french horn gets used for a lot of different characters in movies.

“Ultimately, I want to play my horn for movies,” he said. “It’s got a lot of sound and color to it.”

The next concert will be at 2 p.m. April 21 and is titled Spring Orchestral and Small Ensembles Concert. This event will also be at Metamora Township High School.

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