The following is a list of recently opened and closed state roads, provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation. They are current as of about 12:30 p.m. Thursday.


· IL 29 southbound and one lane northbound, ¼ mile S of Cedar Hills Drive in Peoria County

· IL 17 at the bridge 

• IL 89 S of Illinois River in Putnam County


·         US 136 at Illinois River in Havana

·         IL 18 at Illinois River

·         IL 78/IL 97 between US 136 and US 24

·         Dickson Mounds Road from Dickson Mounds to IL 78/IL 97

·         IL 9 between IL 97 and Bushnell

·         Carman Road from IL 96 in Lomax to US 34 near Gulfport

·         Alta Lane at Allen Road