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  • Jordan Tipsword, CO-OP Student of the Quarter

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  • One of the two Metamora Township High School CO-OP students of the quarter is Miss Jordan Tipsword.
    Tipsword began her job in CO-OP as a teacher’s assistant to  Grebner at Metamora Grade School.
    This job involves assisting those students who need help reading, reading a chapter book to the entire class, and helping kids who do not really know how to act in a classroom.
    One of her most favorite experiences is when she was reading and the word “enemy” came up. She describes the kids as saying the word like the young clownfish, Nemo, did in the animated film, Finding Nemo.
    “It was so cute!” she exclaimed as she was recalling the tale. At the same time, Tipsword is not only learning from Grebner but also many of the other teachers at the school.
    When school lets out, Tipsword is also in charge of the second and third graders at latchkey. She says it is an amazing experience.  
    One day, Tipsword plans on the going to SIUE and getting her degree in Early Childhood Education.
    From there, she plans on teaching third grade just like her model and favorite third grade teacher Grebner.
    — Written by Jared Coker from Curt Rowden’s Advanced Communication Student
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