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  • Lady Redbirds receive set of losses in week 3

  • The Metamora varsity softball team suffered four losses in week three of the regular season.

    The Lady Redbirds played against Canton, Bloomington, East Peoria and Fieldcrest to set the record at 4-7.
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  • The Metamora varsity softball team suffered four losses in week three of the regular season.
    The Lady Redbirds played against Canton, Bloomington, East Peoria and Fieldcrest to set the record at 4-7.
    Canton 6, Metamora 4
    The Lady Redbirds opened its Mid-Illini Conference play with a loss to Canton April 1 at home.
    Metamora was in control of the game until the Little Giants finished strong in the sixth and seventh innings to take the win.
    In the bottom of the first with the bases loaded, Abby Barrow was walked on a full count to put Kara Hartnett across the plate.
    Canton was able to get a quick three outs on Metamora’s next batters to end the inning.
    Both teams went three up, three down in second and top of the third. In the bottom of the third, Megan Hargis hit a line drive over the left field fence for a homer to make it a 2-0 ball game.
    In the fourth, Jade Cansino was stationed on second after knocking one to left field. Up next batting was Delaney Tjaden who hit a line drive to center field to get Cansino home.
    The Lady Redbirds put its last one of the day on the board when Hargis, on third, got in after Mckinzie Marshall singled to center field.
    After the Metamora offensive attack for the game, Canton came out in the sixth to post three runs on the board.
    Back-to-back homers made it a 4-3 game still in Metamora’s favor.
    With two runners on base in the seventh, another Canton home run gave them the lead.
    Metamora finished the game striking out in the bottom of the seventh.
    Tjaden pitched the seven innings for three strikeouts. The Lady Redbirds combined for six hits.
    Bloomington 9, Metamora 7
    Visiting Bloomington April 9, the Lady Redbirds received another loss, 9-7.
    Metamora was down 1-0 but was able to tie it up in the second with a run by Barrow and Brooke Ahrens earning the RBI.
    Heading into the bottom of the third up 2-1, Metamora suffered a defeating inning with Bloomington adding five runs to its score.
    Bloomington had a runner on first when the next at bat hit a homer over the right field fence to take the lead, 6-2.
    Metamora’s big inning came in the sixth to get five runs in.
    The first came from Barrow crossing the plate when Litviak singled to center. 
    Litviak then scored a run with the bases loaded after an error by Bloomington’s catcher. Ahrens, on third, scored next off a wild pitch and another error on Bloomington put Cansino home.
    Page 2 of 2 - To finish the rally, Marshall put a run in on a wild pitch.
    The Lady Redbirds led 7-6 heading before Bloomington put up another three runs on the board to take the win.
    Guzman pitched two innings for three strikeouts. Tjaden put in the last four for two.
    Barrow led at the plate with three hits. Ahrens, Litviak and Hargis had one RBI apiece. 
    East Peoria 3, Metamora 0
    In the second M-I game of the season, Metamora fell to East Peoria 3-0 Thursday.
    It was a tight seven innings but the Raiders defense was able to hold Metamora on scoring. EP’s Illinois State University commit Sarah Finck had seven strikeouts on the Lady Redbirds.
    EP’s runs came in the first, fourth and fifth innings.
    Tjaden pitched the six innings and had one strikeout.
    Litviak led at the plate with two hits. Marshall and Tjaden each earned one.
    Fieldcrest 6, Metamora 1
    Against Fieldcrest Saturday at home, the Lady Redbirds were defeated, 6-1.
    Fieldcrest put its first run across the plate in the first.
    In the third, Fieldcrest had its big inning to score its next five runs.
    Metamora was able to get its run across home in the fourth from Barrow’s home run to right field.
    Both teams were held in scoring for the rest of the game.
    Barrow, Litviak and Chloe Harman each checked in a hit for the game.
    Guzman pitched for four innings for two strikeouts. Tjaden closed out the last three innings.
    Lauren Fortner pitched seven innings for Fieldcrest and closed the game with 10 strikeouts.
    After the loss, Metamora’s record went to 4-8.
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