Four bands entertained a solid group of rock fans May 16 at the Peoria Civic Center during the Spring Fling concert.

Starting the show off was the newest band of the bunch, The Pretty Reckless.

Led by former actress Taylor Momsen, the group played some new tracks off their recently released “Going to Hell” album, along with a few tracks from their 2010 debut album, “Light Me Up.”

Momsen has a good stage presence, staying lively and getting the crowd involved.

However, there were quite a few breaks in between each song, and Momsen also took some brief stops mid-song by the drums during guitar solos.

I’m not sure if this is normal during her set or not, but another song could have easily fit in without a few of those breaks.

Overall, The Pretty Reckless seem to be a rock group to watch out for in the future with some more hits like “Heaven Knows.”

The next band was one of two I’ve seen before, Adelitas Way.

The last time I saw them was in Chillicothe in 2011, after they had recently released their “Home School Valedictorian” album.

Three years later and the band is working on a new album while playing many of the songs I heard last time, except for their newest single, “Dog on a Leash.”

Like last time, though, the group put another great performance on.

The band is lively and got the audience crowd surfing quickly, a trend that continued throughout the night.

While I haven’t heard anything else from the upcoming album, if “Stuck” has enough hits like “Home School Valedictorian” did, Adelitas Way could be headlining the next time they come through the city.

The other group I heard in Chillicothe, Alter Bridge, was the opening act before Five Finger Death Punch.

Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips continue to be a great rock group since forming 10 years ago.

They brought their main hits out, along with some additional songs from their latest album, “Fortress.”

Their heavy tones were a hit with the crowd, and Alter Bridge left Peoria with another solid live performance.

The main attraction, Five Finger Death Punch, surprised me not because of their main music, but some of the smaller things they did during their performance.

The crowd was up and reacting to the heavy metal for the hour or so performance they had.

From singing along to fan favorites to pulling out lighters and cellphones and lighting up the arena, FFDP put on a great performance for both fans and first-time listeners.

However, I didn’t expect the small acoustic set that happened in the middle.

Guitarist Jason Hook and lead singer Ivan Moody did a two-song set of “I Remember” and “Battle Born” that are probably two of the best renditions I’ve heard of those songs.

Moody, normally a screaming vocalist, really showed off his voice and range with the songs.

I was more impressed with him by the time these pair of songs were over.

Moody also addressed some controversy surrounding him and the group.

Recently, a news station said the group was using children as props during their performances.  

Moody then called four children in the audience to the stage, saying they are the next generation, not props.

I was surprised at Moody calling attention to the controversy, but the audience loved the explanation behind it.

Overall, FFDP showed the area why they’re one of the top metal bands out there today, and why Peoria got behind the group when they first were played on the radio almost 10 years ago.

For those interested in checking out Five Finger Death Punch, they’ll be returning to Illinois this fall with Volbeat.

The exact date and location haven’t been announced.