Even during the Cherry Fest years, the Good Neighbor Award has been a keystone event for the city’s annual summer festival.

This year, there were too many acts of neighborly kindness and recorded events of Washington residents helping one another for the award to go to only one person. 

Washington Mayor Gary Manier announced Friday that the entire community won the annual Good Neighbor Award.

 “This award goes to all 15,134 residents of Washington for everything they did to be a good neighbor over the past six months...and before,” Manier said. “Washington has already shown the central Illinois region, the state, the nation, the world what it’s made of. Strong community bonds and good neighbor care for one another.”

Washington Chamber of Commerce officials said there will be a traveling plaque that will be displayed at various locations around the city. 

During a brief ceremony prior to the fireworks, Chamber Director Chevie Ruder and Chamber communication manager Candy Liggin received the award on behalf of the community. 

The award also will be displayed in Washington City Hall and then in Washington’s churches. “Because Washington doesn’t survive without its churches,” Manier added.