WASHINGTON — A new liquor commission will be making recommendations on who gets liquor licenses in the city of Washington.

The Washington City Council on Monday approved an ordinance that creates a new board to oversee liquor licenses. 

State statutes generally call for the mayor to be the city’s liquor commissioner and it is up to the city whether it creates a commission to help the mayor with that task.

Earlier this summer, the first reading of the proposed ordinance went to the City Council. At the time, Mayor Gary Manier said creating a liquor commission was something he had considered for some time. 

Members of the three-person commission were not named Monday. The ordinance also calls for a deputy liquor commissioner to be named. That person would serve as a substitute for Manier when needed. 

The council is also issued a festival garden liquor license for the Taste of Washington set for Aug. 19 at Mt. Vernon and Constitution Streets, near Uftring’s Chevrolet. The event includes an appearance by the Budweiser Clydesdales which is sponsored by Brewer’s Distributing. 

Manier said the week of Aug. 18 will be a busy week in Washington with the Clydesdales' visit. A temporary stable will be installed near Uftring's. The Clydesdales will be available for public viewing from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Aug. 19-24. 

The Taste of Washington, a 3-mile run and the Fine Arts Fest are among the events planned during the Clydesdales visit. 

Also, the Clydesdales will lead a parade from the Washington Square to Washington Park to open the Fine Arts Fest that runs Aug. 23-24. 

In unrelated item, owners of two house in the 1100 block of Dallas Road are requesting the council include their properties in the city limits. A vote by the council on the annexation request could be as early as its next regular meeting Aug. 18.