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  • East Peoria Woman's Club Tour of Homes Sept. 18

  • EAST PEORIA — As she drove to work during the week, Cindy Carvey saw a home for sale on Highview Road. She mentioned it to her husband, Ric.“I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I should call.’”Their offer was accepted in December and they moved in May. In a short amount of time, they ha...
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  • EAST PEORIA — As she drove to work during the week, Cindy Carvey saw a home for sale on Highview Road. She mentioned it to her husband, Ric.
    “I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I should call.’”
    Their offer was accepted in December and they moved in May. 
    In a short amount of time, they have done major renovating. Now, they are looking forward to showing off their home improvements. They will have the opportunity to do so during the East Peoria Woman’s Club Fall Tour of Homes from noon-3 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. Sept. 18. 
    Proceeds from the tour support a scholarship at East Peoria Community High School.
    “I’m excited. Everyone wants to see my house, so I thought, ‘Let’s just do this,’ and I was able to get four other people (for the tour),” Cindy Carvey, a member of the East Peoria Woman’s Club, said.
    Those on the tour will be: the Carveys at 825 Highview Road; Roger Cramer, 151 Brookview Road; Mike and Sue Monckton, 812 Oakwood Road; Jeff and Angie Reeser, 130 E. Oakwood Road C; and Andrew and Becky Rockwell, 115 Regent Court.
    One unique thing about the tour, Cindy Carvey said, is that all the homes have pools.
    “I knew ours did and I knew Angie’s did, then as
    I was thinking of people that would maybe say yes, I called and got a third pool. So, I started thinking of pools,” Cindy Carvey said.
    The Reesers have a tropical theme built around their lazy L-shaped in-ground pool. There is a tiki bar, fire pit on the patio and a pool hut. 
    “We like to entertain a lot,” Angie Reeser said. “(My husband has) added so many lights. I like to entertain at night.”
    Jeff Reeser, a landscaper, formerly did the landscaping at the home where he and his wife now live. Angie said they moved into the 2,700-square-foot ranch three years ago.
    “They asked Jeff before their own children if he wanted the house because they knew what he would do with it,” Angie said.
    The Rockwells also live in a ranch-style home. Becky said her favorite room is a den they added on that has a gray, black and white color combination. The ceilings are high in the main living room and the den, and Becky said she did all the painting herself, even a beam that runs across the ceiling at its peak. The Rockwells’ home is decorated with a modern flair and features a snack bar and hues of burnt orange and dark browns in the dining area. Becky said she is actually starting a new job as an interior designer soon.
    Page 2 of 2 - At the Carveys’ home, built in 1951, Cindy said her favorite room is the screened-in porch on the back of their home. She enjoys its tranquility with the woods surrounding the windows. 
    “You feel like you’re somewhere else,” Cindy Carvey said. “I can’t wait for Christmas. I told Ric I’m going to put a Christmas tree in the corner and add pinecones. We love it here.”
    A door on the side of the screened-in room opens onto a wooden deck.
    During renovation of their home, Carvey said they moved walls and configured the home to utilize the space the way they wanted it. 
    “We gutted everything,” Cindy Carvey said.
    They made a spare room smaller to open up their master bedroom and add a large closet. The moved the original close and made that area into a master bathroom. A wall was added in the hallway to create an office and the cut a square hole in the wall in their galley kitchen to open the space. There is also a snack bar.
    “I love the kitchen. I love to cook. I could be a homemaker real easy,” Cindy Carvey said.
     During the tour, there is no set pattern. People can start at whatever home they want.
    “We’ll have two or three people at the homes advising people to get to their destination,” Cindy Carvey said.
    Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at Fondulac Bank (in Fondulac Plaza and Clock Tower) and Beck’s Florist.
    For more information, call 407-3898 during the day.

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