Some disturbing news on the global warming front in the past couple of days.

On Tuesday, a new study was released in which some top scientists predict a massive extinction of species due to global warming within 100 years.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that the White House had been heavy handed in editing testimony prepared for a Senate hearing on the health impact of climate change. The original testimony by Dr. Julie Gerberding, director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included specific information on health problems and disease that could be expected if the Earth continues to warm.

After a White House preview of the testimony, the AP reported, six pages of such details were removed from Gerberding's testimony - though the director says she was satisfied with what she delivered to the Senate committee.

Mass extinctions? Censorship of scientific testimony to quell public hysteria?

Meanwhile, a big portion of Southern California is burning to a crisp.

Pretty scary stuff. If you believe it. And certainly not everyone does. Just read the comments after any story we publish containing the words "global" and "warming" or simply read the comments following this editorial.

You should believe it. Global warming is real. While some scientists will argue the exact causes of why our home planet is growing hotter, pretty much no one will deny that things are getting toastier.

And that will mean consequences - even if they don't all show up in testimony approved by the White House. Will it mean massive extinctions? University of