Dear Dr. June: What suggestions do you have for a person who moved to a new city and wants to meet people? I moved to the city and there are lots of people but I donít know how to connect. Iím not totally shy but Iím not the type who can just walk right up to people either. I went out with some coworkers but I donít like to mix my personal and work life. Iíve never been anywhere I donít know people so what do you suggest?
ó Newbie in Tampa, Florida

Dear Newbie: There are several ways. Going out with coworkers was a good start because you were able to find some places that may be of interest to you. In order to meet people you may have to join a group with people who have the same interest as you. Have you heard of I believe they have every group known to man. You can choose multiple groups pretty much anywhere. So if you like animals you can join that group then you can join another group with people who like musicals. Some people are a member of more than 20 groups. Other ways to meet people are more traditional like church, conferences, or community organizations. You can do it. I hope you enjoy your transition.

Resolving old feelings

Dear Dr. June: I am having the best relationship with this lovely young woman. We met and there is great chemistry. For the last six months we have been going strong. A couple of weeks ago my ex-girlfriend came to town for a job offer and brought back all those old feelings. We only broke up because I went south and she went north. Now Iím wondering how to resolve what Iím feeling for my ex even though Iím in a great relationship now. She respects my situation but admits she misses us. How do I deal with these feelings?
ó KN, South Florida

Dear KN: What you have are unresolved feelings because you probably believe the relationship with your previous girlfriend did not run its course. Actually, it may have run its course and you donít realize it. Itís not uncommon to feel a jolt from someone with whom you were seriously involved, but that does not mean that person is the one. A good relationship is not always easy to find so if you really are in the ďbest relationshipĒ you donít want to jeopardize it or jump ship. What you want to do is find closure. There is a reason you didnít try to make things work when you both went your separate ways. That reason still exists. You deal with your feelings by recognizing there was something missing and youíre happy with the connection between and your current girlfriend. Of course, youíve heard it before. If itís meant to be, it will be. Just donít force it. Instead, continue to enjoy what you currently have.

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