The saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” rings true with architectural styles. We have smarter ways of building and the layouts have evolved with lifestyle changes, but historical and authentic design is only growing in demand.
For homebuyers who want an authentic older home look, the exterior must be designed in a specific manner, down to every little detail, especially the window architecture.
To get the look, here are four examples of how history influenced window architecture in home design:
French Country: This is a very elegant style, focusing on vertical proportions. Windows are a defining characteristic that should emphasize this. A 3-foot by 6-foot window with a two-over-two window grille pattern is a classic combination.
Modern Tuscan: Consider combinations of single hung and fixed glass windows. The windows should be relatively free of grilles - perhaps a simple single vertical or cross pattern - to keep the style fresh.
Craftsman Bungalow: In Craftsman-style homes, the exterior trim traditionally contrasts with the window frame color, and the windows include grille patterns that create vertical proportions.
Prairie: A bold departure from the typical European-influenced styles, windows in modern Prairie architecture are typically tall casements in warm tones, providing the perfect complement and contrast to the horizontal lines of the style.
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Why you still want an agent by your side
While technology empowers consumers to shop and sell smarter, it can’t replace the service and expertise of an experienced agent. Real estate agents know the local market and have access to the freshest sales data.
For sellers, real estate agents can price a house in line with the market to maximize earnings. According to recent data from the National Association of Realtors, sellers using an agent earn $40,100 more per transaction. The median sale price for the 88 percent of sellers who worked with an agent was $215,000, versus a median sale price of $174,900 for the 9 percent of sellers who didn’t use an agent, according to the association.
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Showcase your fireplace
Your fireplace kept you warm throughout the winter months, but now with the temperatures rising, that same fireplace is just a hole in the wall. Although you might not be building a fire any time soon, your fireplace can still be of use as a focal point of the room. After cleaning out the leftover ashes you can use the space within our fireplace as a place to showcase a collection. By simply using vases or jars of different heights and colors, you can brighten up that dark hole in the wall.
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You might not notice until it’s too late. Bacterial and fungal infections can ravage your garden and make all your hard work for naught, but by watering your plants with a chamomile tea mixture you can keep those infections to a minimum. Spraying your plants with the mixture a few times a week will help stop seedlings from damping off.
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