An older East Peoria couple struggled with a man who they said burst into their home Friday night, threatened to stab the woman and demanded they open their firearms safe.

Brett Wright, 25, of Peoria, remained in custody Wednesday on $250,000 bond on charges of home invasion and armed violence, both punishable by up to 30 years in prison, and aggravated battery. 

A 911 call from the woman brought a police officer to the home in the 100 block of Lee Court in time to see Wright hunched over the woman on the front lawn. Moments earlier, he had threatened to kill her with a screwdriver, the woman said.

The officer caught Wright after a short chase. After other officers arrived, Wright told them he would have “blown their asses away” if he had his “pole,” a slang term for a firearm, a prosecutor’s court affidavit stated.

The woman, 60, told police she was watching TV and her husband, 69, was in bed when noise came from their home’s side door. She tried in vain to keep it shut as Wright pushed it open and entered the kitchen.

“Where are the guns?” Wright asked as he searched drawers for keys to the couple’s gun safe, she said. The woman dialed 911 on her phone as her husband, who heard her screams, came from the bedroom. Wright followed him as he returned to retrieve a gun located there, the affidavit stated.

Again demanding keys to the safe in the bedroom, Wright grabbed a screwdriver and tried to pry it open while fending off the man’s efforts to stop him. “I need a knife,” Wright said as he returned to the kitchen, where he grabbed the woman’s purse and left the residence.

The woman followed him onto the lawn and tried to grab the purse back. Wright, who stands 5-feet-3 and weighs 105 pounds, pushed her to the ground and threatened to stab her before the officer arrived. Police found a screwdriver and a glass pipe on Wright, the affidavit stated.

Wright was on parole from a five-year prison term for burglary. He is next due in court on Oct. 4.