CREVE COEUR — The dog shot by a Creve Coeur police officer Wednesday morning after it charged him in the 100 block of Virginia Avenue is expected to survive and will be returned home after its veterinary treatment.

This is in compliance with the Illinois Animal Control Act because the animal did not cause serious injury to anyone.

The mastiff, named Theo, was previously involved in an incident in which it attacked a female at the residence and was declared dangerous at that point.

A neighborhood canvass was conducted that resulted in additional witnesses. Several neighbors indicated that two mastiffs from 113 Virginia Ave. are frequently out without being on a lead and unsupervised, which is in violation of the dangerous animal restrictions pursuant to the Illinois Animal Control Act.

Several neighbors said that there have been several instances that involved aggressive behavior by both dogs.

The officer was found to have acted in an appropriate manner that possibly is the only reason that someone was not seriously injured in the incident.

The Creve Coeur Police Department will seek judicial intervention to remedy the situation involving the aggressive dogs.