Pekin police investigations produced the recent arrests of two men in large cocaine and meth cases.

The unrelated cases led to the indictments last week of David Dodd, 44, of Peoria, and Miguel Burgos, 34, of Pekin. Both remain in custody pending their arraignments Thursday.

Dodd was arrested while driving north on Interstate 155 in Tazewell County on Dec. 22, one day after officers obtained a warrant to search him and his pickup truck, court records stated.

In the truck, officers found 136 grams of methamphetamine and a syringe loaded with the drug in liquid form, the records stated. 

Dodd told the officers he had bought the meth in the St. Louis area. Over the previous six weeks he said he had transported other large amounts of the drug from that area and sold it in the Pekin area, court records stated.

He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the Class X charge of possessing up to 400 grams of meth with intent to deliver.

Burgos faces the same maximum term if he’s convicted of delivering up to 100 grams of cocaine.

Between last July and mid-December, he sold about 25 grams of the drug in powder form seven times to undercover Pekin police investigators, the charge alleges. 

After his arrest following his last sale, police found $16,265 in cash in his residence along with another gram of cocaine and items used in drug sales, the charge alleges.