METAMORA - Snyder Village will host a one-of-a-kind performance focusing on Native American storytelling and songs during an event Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 2 p.m. in the SV Center on the Snyder Village Campus, 1200 E. Partridge, Metamora.

This presentation will be led by Danira Parra and other men and women from the Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church in East Peoria. It will feature their large, Native American drum played for song and storytelling. Native American custom is that wintertime is the story-telling season so this would be very traditional this time of year, Parra says. “In old traditional times, this performance would have been done around a fire.”

Parra adds, “This is not a pow-wow. There will be no dancing or regalia or fancy outfits. This is listening to drum songs and hearing stories.” The stories shared will be traditional stories that have been passed down through generations of Native Americans from different tribes or traditions, and not all from one specific tribe.

Both Native American-made and native-themed items will be offered for sale after the performance. The public is invited to attend this event to enjoy the music and story telling while getting a chance to learn more about Native American culture and history.