These transactions, recorded the week of Feb. 18, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

600 Allyn St., Creve Coeur, Alan K. and Monica R. Whetstone to Nathan Blair, $79,000.
119 Julian Ave., East Peoria, Hazel B. Ervin, Shirley A. Gambill, Donna L. Hurt and Barbara J. Salzer to Shawn Roberts, $83,000.
1203 S. 10th St., Pekin, Exceler8 Management Company Inc. to Adam C. Fouse, $87,600.
4209 Cole Hollow Road, Pekin, Marion E. Townsend to Shawn Townsend, $94,805.
1303 Sheridan Road, Pekin, Mary N. Lair-Watkins to Christina L. Sies, $110,000.
201 Howard St., East Peoria, Maurice W. Yakle to Kayla Lancaster, $113,000.
902 S. Chestnut St., Delavan, Jordan D. and Carolyn M. Zimmer to Robert M. and Alberta G. Gardner, $114,000.
2232 Mar Vista Drive, Washington, Tyler A. Williams to James E. and Kathleen F. Uphoff, $116,000.
811 Whippoorwill Drive, Washington, Daniel C. and Roxanne Sutton to H. Michael and Sarah G. Looney, $116,900.
112 Devron Circle, East Peoria, Angela M. Davis to Stephen and Amber Hutchins, $121,000.
317 E. Fernwood St., Morton, Robert L. and Nilah M. Fischer to Kelsey L. Holt, $125,000.
516 S. Nelson Ave., Morton, Brian L. and Cassandra S. Geiger to Leslie Porubcansky, $128,500.
307 Dundee Road, East Peoria, Dana Ludwig to Cody and Abby Vicary, $130,000.
741 S. Columbus Ave., Morton, Micah Bouillon to Leslie Lin and Lidia Temores, $145,000.
3417 Edgewater Drive, Pekin, Anton and Rhonda L. Sparrius to Randy S. and Rita K. Taylor, $148,500.
16156 Christmas Tree Road, Green Valley, Timothy J. and Sandra J. Probst to Todd M. and Janet R. Zevnik, $170,000.
211 Hemlock St., Pekin, Hunter and Angela McCormack to Adam S. and Jami Haynes, $172,000.
21760 Butternut Lane, Delavan, Jamie L. and Robyn D. Jeakins to Timothy J. and Sandra J. Probst, $175,000.
1032 E. Madison St., Morton, Douglas E. and Darcey L. Handly to Chrissie L. Peterson, $182,500.
869 Sunset Road, Morton, Kenneth E. and Debra J. Miller to Louis Watkins and Mary N. Lair-Watkins, $204,000.
201 E. Madison St., Morton, Drew M. and Danielle Tolly to Ryan P. and Amy M. Jones, $209,900.
720 Thornridge Drive, Morton, Ken L. and Marla K. Eberle to Larry D. and Pamela S. Schultz, $239,000.
270 Fairview, Washington, Darryl G. and Dorothy B. Smith to Daniel and Roxanne Sutton, $245,000.
149 Elmridge Circle, East Peoria, Jason A. and Tara S. Kassis to Kenneth E. and Debra J. Miller, $247,000.
223 Court St., Pekin, Jeffrey L. Oesch to Maquet Inc., $250,000.
200 Pocono Ave., Morton, Ryan P. and Amy M. Jones to Jeffrey G. and Melinda L. Clark, $295,000.
5493 Broadway Road, Groveland, James R. and Suzanne M. Hocker to Ronald W. and Priscilla R. Simpson, $493,000.

1027 County Road 2425 East, El Paso, Micah Bouillon and Cliff Ocker to Scott D. and Angelique E. Perry, $80,000.
202 E. Pine St., Metamora, Donald R. and Kathy S. Culbertson to Jill A. Hayes, $112,000.
112 W. Partridge St., Metamora, Cathy L. Egli to Alexander S. Chan, $125,000.
Vacant land, Woodford County, Richard J. and Evaline E. Alig to Ali Puckett, $145,000.
13 Meadowlark Lane, East Peoria, Eric R. Sutton to William R. Becker Sr., $146,500.
Parts of Lot 9, Block 42, Original Town and part of Lot 10, Block 42, Original Town, El Paso, Guiseppe and Marianna Caruso to LGR Properties LLC, $200,000.
1209 Saddle Brook Lane, Metamora, Jack C. and April Fetz to Timothy D. and Kelly A. Kaufman, $201,900.
Vacant land, Woodford County, Charles G. and Debora J. VanHoorn to Jared W. and Haley E. Wyss, $215,000.
Vacant land, Woodford County, Marvin D. and Joellen Wettstein to Norman D. and Teresa A. Wettstein, $310,000.
County Road 1500 North, Roanoke, Roger Hodel and Sharon L. Neukomm to David T. Mangold, $850,170.