If you scan the internet on a regular basis, you'll see every day seems to be National Something-Or-Other Day. National Siblings Day, National Pickle Day, National Wolverine Day ... the list seems endless.

And also somewhat contrived, in a lot of cases. Who determines these days, anyway?

(FYI, National Siblings Day is April 10; National Pickle Day is Nov. 14; and National Wolverine Day is something Nick in the Morning just made up. We'll take nominations on what day it should be, however.)

Last week, we totally missed another such "holiday," National Barbershop Quartet Day. It's held April 11, which was the date 81 years ago that the organized barbershop movement began, according to this source.

Usually, this wouldn't attract much notice from us. But a barbershop quartet with Peoria connections attracted the attention of the "Today" show.

The national-breakfast program on NBC-TV featured After Hours, winner of the 2018 Barbershop Harmony Society international championship.

Bradley University in Peoria is where the quartet was founded about a decade ago. Its current incarnation features two original members, Tremont resident Tim Beutel and Dan Wessler, a Peoria native who resides in Freeport.

After Hours certainly doesn't embody the popular stereotype of barbershop singers, perhaps best embodied recently by this TV commercial.

The more modern representation of it, as presented by After Hours on "Today," can be seen by clicking below.