EUREKA — Woodford County's top prosecutor has said he can't talk about the case of a 9-year-old accused of murder.

State's Attorney Greg Minger declined to comment further regarding the case of the boy who was charged in the wake of a April 6 fire that killed two adults and three children in a residence at Timberline Mobile Home Park near Goodfield.

That very brief statement came minutes after WMBD-TV posted a story on their website about an apparent gag order that has been placed upon the parties involved in the case. The TV station reported the boy's mother had been ordered to appear in court, likely the juvenile division of Woodford County Circuit Court, on Friday. During that hearing, it appears from the station's story, an attorney had asked for a gag order for all parties.

Juvenile court records are sealed to the public, and while reporters are allowed to attend, it didn't appear any reporters were at Friday's hearing. The station stated that a "source" had told them about the gag order. While it wasn't known what led to the order, it does come in the wake of a nationally televised interview on CBS News where the boy's mother talked about the case.

The boy stands charged with five counts of first-degree murder as well as arson in connection with the fire. It's extremely rare for a child so young to be charged with such a crime. State law doesn't allow the incarceration of a child younger than 13, so even if there is a conviction, it's likely probation and intensive counseling would be the result.

Kathryn Murray, 69; Jason Wall, 34; Rose Alwood, 2; Daemeon Wall, 2; and Ariel Wall, 1, died of smoke inhalation, autopsies revealed. There were two survivors — Katrina Alwood, who was 27 at the time of the fire, and her juvenile son, who, family members stated earlier in the week to CBS News, is the one now facing the criminal counts.