BREAKING NEWS - Another Schnuck's headed to North Peoria?

DeWayne Bartels

On the heels of an announcement that the Cubs store on N. Knoxville will close in the first quarter, news has now emerged that yet another grocery store venture is planned further out on N. Knoxville.

"My partners in Knoxville Venter L.L.C. — Tim Shea, Dale Jorgenson, and Chad Jones — are exceptionally pleased to announce that Schnucks Markets, Inc. has purchased acreage for a new project on North Knoxville at Alta Road," Weaver says in his letter.

He also delivers a message of hope for the local economy.

"Through Patrick’s (Nichting - 5th District councilman) efforts, we negotiated a number of upgrades to the Schnucks building because of its proximity to neighboring subdivision and the goal of having the project blend well with the overall feel of the area," Weaver wrote.

"To Schnuck’s credit as well, they understood these neighbors are their future customers, and they worked with Patrick to develop a building and its accompanying signage that works well with the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood ...

"Our community must continue to work together and redouble its efforts as our country faces difficult times. In the end, our prosperity will equal our cooperative efforts."