Target; Market mastery

DeWayne Bartels
Confidence in the Central Illinois real estate market is not an issue for Linda Kepple of Keller Williams Premier Real Estate.

Confidence is a trait many business owners have in short supply of today. Linda Kepple, operating principal of Keller Williams Premier Realty in North Peoria, is an exception.

At the end of 2009, Kepple’s three-year-old company had 11.5 percent of the Central Illinois real estate sales market. Within three years, Kepple said she expects to have 44 percent of that market share.

A vision

Kepple said she has a vision for her franchise and for the real estate market  in Central Illinois in 2010.

Kepple said Keller Williams Premier Realty has arrived.

In less than five years, Keller Williams has gone zero to No. 4 in sales among the top 50 real estate companies in the Peoria Area Association of Realtors.

The company grew its market share 1.13 percent from 2008 to 2009.

Kepple said she has confidence because her agency grew while the National Association of Realtors year-end report showed a 1.3 percent decrease in real estate activity nationwide.

Kepple said she is convinced her company is in line to take 44 percent of the local market share and emerge as No. 1 in sales production within three years.

“The uncertain futures of the competition, due to age and attrition, make for a perfect scenario for Keller Williams Premier Realty to proliferate,” Kepple said. “This is our time. We’re ready to take the reigns, and poised to lead the pack.”


Kepple said her confidence comes from several sources.

One is her 25 years work in real estate in Peoria.

Another is the agents she works with. She said her agents create a synergy that is creating a culture of confidence and success within the agency.

She admits that announcing her plans to capture 44 percent of the area real estate market within three years is a “bold” statement. Kepple admitted that making such a bold statement sets her up for ridicule if her agency falls short of that market.

But, she said confidence requires making bold statements.

 “I go with my instincts. My bankers, when I opened, kept saying, ‘Aren’t you afraid? This bubble has to burst at some point.’ I wasn’t afraid then. I’m not afraid now,” Kepple said.

Kepple said she has lived by faith all her life. And, faith is behind her confidence.

“I’m a slow learner. I just keep at it until I get it. I’ve seen what works,” Kepple said. “I have so much faith. I’ve learned you just have to plan.”

Kepple said, laughing, stubbornness may also have a role to play in her plans.

“It’s genetic from both my parents,” she said. “It’s also about trusting my gut and my convictions.”

Kepple said confidence is an important part of her strategy to move up the area real estate sales ladder.

“People who fall short do that because they lose confidence,” Kepple said.

“However, you have to keep your ego and arrogance in check, otherwise it is not confidence."

She said keeping her ego in check is no issue.

“I talk a lot to the people around. My people are generous in offering their opinions of me and what I am doing.”