BREAKING: Body found after domestic dispute in Woodford County Tuesday night

DeWayne Bartels

UPDATED 11:07 A.M. : Woodford County Coroner Tim Reustman identified the shooting victim as Gerry M. Stephens, 65, of 1606 State St., Metamora. 

The coroner pronounced Stephens dead at 11:05 p.m. Tuesday. He was the victim of a self-inclficted gunshot wound. An autopsy has been done. 

The victim's wife, Cheryl Stephens, told the coroner that she and her husband had an argument and several shots were fired prior to her departure.

Law enforcement officials in Woodford County are not releasing the name of a  victim in a domestic fight which occurred Tuesday night, which left a man dead.

The Woodford County Sheriff's Department was called about 7 p.m. Tuesday night. They met with the victim's wife in Metamora. She had their children with her at the time.

"She said (her husband) had shot at her," a Woodford County law enforcement official said.

"We secured a perimeter around the place. By the time the CIERT team got out there, some time had passed," said the same law enforcement official.

The CIERT team is a multi-agency team made up of sharpshooters and doctors. They are called in when there is a hostage or barricade situation.

"They found him on the porch," said the law enforcement official.

The location of the home was 1.5 miles north of Metamora and a 1/3 of mile east of Route 89.

The Woodford County Coroner's Office is the agency which will release the name and other information on the victim.