UPDATE - Meeting set to discuss 150 site for North Peoria library branch

DeWayne Bartels

A meeting this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at the District 150 Administration Building will investigate whether District 150 has any interest in having a library branch located on, or near, district property, between Richwoods High School and Northmoor-Edison.

Mayor Jim Ardis, this morning, said he and some members of the council, are interested in a site on, or near, Expo Gardens.

Ardis said that closing the Lakeview Branch and building the new North Peoria library branch on, or near Expo Gardens, would trim $8 to $10 million off the proposed $35 million cost of the entire library plan.

Ardis said he believes such a proposal could garner 10, perhaps even 11, yes votes from the council.   

The meeting was put together by Ardis’ education liasion, Bill Collier, former Dunlap School superintendent.

The meeting is not expected to be open to the public, Collier said this morning.

Collier said he expects the library to be represented by Ed Szynaka, Peoria Public Library director; board president Mike McKenzie and board member Linda Daley.

The city is expected to send 4th District councilman Bill Spears, 3rd District councilman Bob Manning and at-large councilman Ryan Spain.

Representing the school district will be Superintendent Ken Hinton, Dr. David Gorenz, president of the board, and board member Jim Stowell, chairman of the board’s building and grounds committee.