A long wait awaits

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

My prediction is the lines at many Peoria precincts will not only be long but slow-moving.

The expected higher than normal turnout will bring out lots of people who have never voted electronically.

At my precinct I was talking to an older man while we waited to vote.

The line was moving very slowly. When we finally got to the last table he saw an election judge handing people a piece of paper.

"What's the paper for?" he asked, turning to me.

"That's the access code for electronic voting," I told him.

"What do you do with that?" he asked.

I explained it to him. I had plenty of time while others already at the voting booths fumbled through the process.

I was 15th in line at my precinct this morning, having arrived at 5:45 a.m.

It took me more than 45 minutes to get to my voting booth.

It took me about two minutes to vote since I'm familiar with the process and the machines.   

Everyone else before me at the booths was still trying to vote on a machine that was foreign to them.

Whatever election judges get paid it isn't going to be enough for what they go through today.