BREAKING NEWS - City manager candidate falls through

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Eric Stuckey, assistant county administrator of Hamilton County, Ohio (Cincinnati) has been offered the position of city manager for Peoria, and declined.

The city is now suspending its efforts - going on five months - to find a permanent city manager until after the holidays.

"We interviewed three well-qualified individuals.  One candidate was a consensus choice of the council.  Two weeks ago the city council offered the position to ... Stuckey.  Mr. Stuckey was very impressed with the opportunity in Peoria and visited with us on two occasions. He was also interviewing for a similar position and in the end he selected a position in Franklin, Tennessee because of family considerations," a city press release said.

"Based on past city manager search experience, and with the advice of our consultant Jim Mercer, the city council has elected to postpone further search activities until after the first of the year.  The coming holidays, ongoing national economic concerns and local spring elections would all suggest suspending the search a couple months," the press release said.

"The city is fortunate to have a seasoned administrative team in place with leadership by Interim City Manager Henry Holling. The city council and staff have continued to move Peoria city government forward. Important projects and critical services are progressing.  We will have a balanced budget for 2009 in very challenging economic times with no service cuts and no tax increases. Our plan is to continue the present Interim City Manger arrangement and remain focused on our vision of an excellent quality of urban life … vibrant, progressive, diverse and welcoming."