Phil speaks the truth

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

PJ Star columnist Phil Luciano is catching some grief for his column titled: "Women make shopping frantic."

There's no big surprise in that.

Those who speak the truth often get in hot water.

Phil wrote, in part: "Here's a typical conversation at the counter, when a man is involved.

Man: I need a Wii, please.

Clerk: Here ya go. Please give me all your money.

Here's the typical conversation when a woman would get to the counter.

Woman: I need a Wii please, and I wish you had them in different colors because I really like pink, but I know they're all white, and my kitchen is white, well, off-white, really, sort of an alabaster, yet that really doesn't matter because I'm buying it for my kids and they don't really care about the color, you know how kids are, and speaking of kids let me tell you about every child I've ever met and blah blah blah blah blah ...

Clerk: I'm a woman, too! Let's talk more and make all these men endure all of our inane, pointless drivel!"

Phil speaks the absolute truth here.

I heard it first-hand on Saturday.

I went to a store to make some purchases.

I saw an item I knew my wife would like. 

I bought it and at check-out found out it came with a nice discount.

As I walked away another item caught my eye.

I told the clerk I wanted that item, too.

It rang up full-price.

The clerk - looking down and apparently anticipating a melt-down on my part -  said there is no discount on this item.

"That's OK," I said, "I want it."

The clerk, a woman, looked up and smiled.

"I love dealing with men," she said. "With guys I get no argument about the price."

Case closed. Phil hit the mark on the head.