BREAKING NEWS - Illinois Attorney General calls for Guv's resignation

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Statement From Attorney General Madigan Calling for Resignation of Governor Blagojevich

"Today, our worst fears have been realized. Once again, the people of Illinois have learned that a Governor has engaged in a shockingly flagrant scheme to sell his power and authority to the highest bidder.

"The conduct is especially outrageous and truly demonstrates a new level of corruption given that Governor Blagojevich has been the subject of ongoing criminal investigations for years.

"Yet, undaunted by these investigations, Governor Blagojevich decided to undertake schemes to sell the U.S. Senate seat, to sell his signature on legislation, and to interfere in financing deals – all in an effort to obtain personal and political benefits.

"Public officials are elected to serve the people of this state and to uphold the trust of the people who have elected them.

"It is absolutely clear that the Governor is incapable of governing.

"At a time when our state faces tremendous challenges, Governor Blagojevich cannot faithfully exercise the powers of his office.

"Governor Blagojevich should immediately resign and allow Lt. Governor Quinn to succeed him."

As the state’s chief legal officer, I want to assure the People of Illinois that I am working quickly to move forward on the next legal steps should the Governor refuse to resign.  I am already working with the legislative leaders to make sure that the work of this State continues without interruption.

I am thankful for the extraordinary work of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI. And I echo their call for everyone with information about these allegations to come forward and offer their assistance to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.