Nichting to seek treasurer's seat - Asked by mayor to pursue it

DeWayne Bartels
Patrick Nichting, left, has formally confirmed he will seek the seat of treasurer. Nichting said he chose to seek the seat after being asked by retiring treasurer Reg Willis and Mayor Jim Ardis.

Patrick Nichting wants to stay at city hall, just change which office he holds. Nichting, the current 5th District councilman, wants to take over the treasurer's office in the next municipal election.

"Reg Willis, the current treasurer, is retiring. He and the mayor asked me to run based on my understanding of the office and the city," Nichting said. "The council works closely with the treasurer's office' I know this office. I've been very involved with the budget process."

Nichting said he already had petitions to seek re-election to his 5th District seat when Willis and the mayor approached him.

"It took me back for a moment," Nichting said.

Nichting said he was told he was approached him because he has an MBA from Bradley, 26 years experience in business and his almost 12 years as a councilman.

"In these incredibly turbulent economic times it is vitally important the treasurer's office watches revenue streams and keeps the council informed of revenue trends'," Nichting said.

Nichting conceded the post would be a lower profile one, but, he said, his devotion to public service was not about publicity.

Nichting said the post is a full-time job. He said it pays $89,000 annually.

"I have put my business up for sale. If I win, I plan to dispose of the company," Nichting said.

Nichting is owner of Panco, a restaurant supply company.

"If elected, I will take a pay cut from what I earn now with my company. This office is too important not be held by a dedicated office-holder. My decision is about service, not economics."  

Gary Shadid, a CPA, is also circulating petitions for the post.