Politicos have plenty to say about Blago's ouster

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Peoria)

“The nightmare of Rod Blagojevich is not quite over. He left much of our state government in shambles. Governor Quinn will have to pick up the pieces and he will need the cooperation of everyone as he leads the effort.”

“Long before the astonishing transcripts of wiretaps by the U.S. Attorney’s office were released it was clear to all who followed Illinois government that we had the equivalent of an organized crime ring systematically shaking down people who dealt with Illinois government for personal and political gain. It was racketeering pure and simple.”

“That is why as far back as 2005, it was reported in newspaper headlines that I called Rod Blagojevich the most corrupt Governor in Illinois’ history. It’s a shame Rod Blagojevich was re-elected and has put our state through all that we have had to endure but at long last his state plane and perks have turned into the proverbial pumpkin and we are free of such a horrible public servant.”

State Representative David Leitch (R-Peoria)

“Instead of participating in the process, Blagojevich has made a mockery of our state by launching a national media tour exhibiting his arrogance and corruption to the whole world.  He is a cancer to the people of Illinois; one that has now been excised.”

“We simply cannot allow corruption and political greed to control the agenda of Illinois government any longer.”

“With billions in unpaid Medicaid bills, roads in desperate need of repair, and state government grinding to a standstill, it’s time to return to Illinois’ most pressing issues.  The people of Illinois deserve our full attention.  Now that Blagojevich has been removed from office, we need to address the hard work of trying to pay down the unprecedented state debt accrued under the Blagojevich Administration.”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

“With the Senate’s vote today, the destructive tenure of Rod Blagojevich has ended.  We can now move forward with the work of the People of the State of Illinois."

“I respect the diligent and thoughtful work of the House and Senate throughout this impeachment process and thank the members of the Illinois General Assembly for their commitment to upholding the State’s Constitution and laws.  The People of Illinois should feel confident that they were well served over these past weeks."

“I am committed to working with Governor Quinn to move our state beyond this sad chapter.  I pledge the full resources of my office to assist Governor Quinn and to work to restore the trust of the People of Illinois in their government.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna

 “Rod Blagojevich’s Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and all Blagojevich Democrats who are leading the state in the wrong direction owe an apology to the people of Illinois."

“The FBI did not need to have Rod Blagojevich in handcuffs before his Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and the Blagojevich Democrats who run the state acted to stop him."

“Blagojevich’s Lieutenant Governor and Blagojevich Democrats came to power on a promise of change but four years later they looked the other way and chose to endorse Blagojevich for re-election even though our state was faced with the largest corruption investigation in its history."

“Now political opportunists like Blagojevich’s running mate Pat Quinn believe they can erase six years of silence and ignore broken promises of change to the people of Illinois, but the fact remains that Blagojevich Democrats have led Illinois for six years into higher taxes, fewer jobs, more corruption, and higher spending."

“These same Blagojevich Democrats enabled and endorsed a madman even after the FBI had him in handcuffs and show no sign of taking Illinois in a new direction."

“Change for the people of Illinois will come when elected officials actually impose ethical reform, fiscal reform, create jobs and bring greater transparency and accountability to our government."

“We are confident that the Republican Party will produce a new generation of leaders who can reach out to people, regardless of party, who believe Blagojevich Democrats are leading this state in the wrong direction.”