ANATOMY OF AN ARMED ROBBERY - 'By no means is this case closed'

DeWayne Bartels

Peoria police public information officer Doug Burgess said recently this armed robbery case is still under investigation.

Burgess said, police detectives believe the young man initially detained by police moments after the crime, not far from the crime scene, is not the suspect they seek in this case.

He said it was determined there were a lot of coincidences between the crime and the 13-year-old initially detained.

He did have a BB gun on his person, but that is not conclusive.

Burgess said a K-9 dispatched to the scene to track the suspect went in the opposite direction of the initial suspect police detained.

“They (the victim and a witness),” he said, “couldn’t identify him.”

Burgess said the clothing the victim identified are commonplace on the street.

“He had on a black hoodie and jeans, which is commonplace. At the line-up neither person could say it was him,” Burgess said.

Burgess said police questioned the suspect just the same.

“After interviews we determined he wasn’t the suspect,” Burgess said. 

“By no means is this case closed. We may re-visit the suspect.”