UPDATED: What kind of phone does Sen. Koehler carry? One worth fighting for

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

What kind of cell phone does Sen. Dave Koehler carry?

I have to wonder since because one does not usually risk one's life to hang on to it.

On Thursday, Koehler was working in his business - The Peoria Bread Company at 1404 N.E. Monroe - when he was approached by a gunman.

The gunman demanded money. Koehler complied with that demand.

When the gunman then demanded Koehler's cell phone, he refused to hand it over.

A stuggle ensued.

Koehler came out on top. He got the gun.

The suspect fled, and is still at large.

Koehler, in a phone interview, said he is fine after the attack.

He did, however, sustain a broken finger in the attack . He also had to get a Hepatitis B shot because the suspect bit him three times.

This is the second time Koehler has been robbed. The first time was at scissor-point.

Koehler laughed, when asked what made the cell phone worth fighting for?

"You been tlaking to my wife," he said.

"It wasn't about the cell phone. It made me mad."