Daffodil Days are here

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Bright yellow daffodils are on sale through Feb. 16 as part of the annual American Cancer Society Daffodil Days campaign.

Daffodil Days helps fund the many programs offered at no charge to cancer patients and their families. 

Individuals and corporations may purchase bouquets of daffodils for friends, family and co-workers to support the fight against cancer. 

The flowers range in price from $10 for a bunch of 10 daffodils, to $500 for a case of 50 bunches.

Potted daffodil bulbs range in price from $15 for a pot with three bulbs to $270 for a case of 18 pots.

 Also available for $25 is the limited edition Boyds™ Bear “Birthdays R. Hope,” designed exclusively for the American Cancer Society. 

For more information visit,  www.cancer.org/daffodils or call 688-3488.