Seniors on the go

Amy Gehrt

Senior citizens often find it daunting to get behind the wheel when they need to go somewhere, particularly when the weather turns nasty.

That is just one of the reasons why a growing number of Peoria seniors are turning to public transportation. It is also being touted as a great way to save money — bring a picture ID and ride free on any City Link fixed-route bus if you are 65 or older.

Age-related health problems, such as failing eyesight and arthritis, can also leave seniors without the ability to continue driving themselves.

“A lot of seniors don’t get their licenses renewed, so they have to either ride the bus or find a ride,” Alice Nobles Arn, director of sales and marketing for CityLink, said.

John Williams, director of special services at CityLink, said many local seniors do utilize public transportation, but pointed out others may not be aware of some of the services offered, like the travel training program.

“Once they stop driving, if they have never taken public transportation, they may fear using it even though they are physically able to do so,” he said.

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