Palin: So transparent we can't see her

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Sarah Palin, the "Great White Hope of the Republican Party," is coming to Washington later this year. 

But, do not look for a great deal of local media coverage on what she says, unless local media outlets are willing to buy a ticket, according to Sherril West, president of the Washington Area Community Center Board of Directors

In a press release it was stated Washington area leaders, including Mayor Gary W. Manier, had been discussing holding a Leadership Speaker Series at Five Points Washington, bringing in nationally recognized guest speakers to share their leadership experiences with Washington area audiences.

“Lessons from Leaders, a series of contemporary speakers at Five Points Washington,” was born. 

The WACC hopes to host a diverse group of dynamic speakers who have made a difference in their chosen fields and whose leadership philosophies can be applied to the lives of local audiences. Leaders will be sought from all walks of life — business, public service, athletics, education and more, the press relase says.

But, the only way the media gets to cover the speech, West said, is if they buy a ticket for between $75 and $200.

Palin, it seems, wants to be so transparent we, in the media, can't see her.