Illinois GOP wants to go CSI on state spending

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Illinois Statehouse News on Wednesday reported GOP legislators in Springfield have an idea that could result in more than $1 billion is savings for the state.

"GOP leaders want a forensic audit of Illinois spending going back to Rod Blagojevich’s first term in 2003. House Republican Leader Tom Cross joined former Republican candidate for governor Adam Andrzejewski at statehouse news conference on Wednesday to propose a resolution that would allow for the audit," it was reported.

I loved this telling sentence: "It is unlikely, however, that the audit will ever be conducted.  A resolution carries no power, and Democrats control state government."

This is good too: Andrzejewski said “The comptroller said we have 252 state programs.  Auditor [Bill] Holland said we have 1,750, and he said we had more but he couldn’t quantify the number.  Auditor Holland said we have 100 state agencies.  The comptroller said we have 69.  We don’t even know the basics of Illinois financial data,” said Andrzejewski.

Andrzejewski said he feels an audit has the possibility of straightening out those inconsistencies, and result in $1.25 billion in savings.

State Rep. Jim Watson, R-Jacksonville, told Illinois Statehouse News an audit should not be seen as a “witch hunt.”

“This does not have to be an ‘Oh, gotcha’ mentality.  This is a mentality of is there waste, is there duplication, is there redundancies…And I would say we do these things because we’re looking at these cuts in education.  Because law enforcement may need to see some reductions.”

Gov. Pat Quinn’s office said only “no comment.”

Wow, what a surprise.

If the Democrats have full confidence in their ability to lead and control the purse strings they should embrace this idea. But, I won't hold my breath.