Are there Bigfoots in them thar' hills?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

A blog on the Journal Star Web site caught my eye yesterday.

It is Journal Star outdoor writer Jeff Lampe's blog "Scattershooting."

The blog is about what people were calling in as a dead cougar on I-474.

It turned out the roadkill was not a cougar, unless someone made off with it before a Journal photog could get there.

Lampe speculated: "Perhaps someone driving past stole the dead cougar. Perhaps a pterodactyl swooped down and snatched up the road-killed cougar to feed its young in a nearby nest. Or maybe Bigfoot grabbed the dead cat on his way back to his Woodford County lair."

Lampe got my attention.

Are there Bigfoots in them thar' hills?

A few months ago I flew to Camp Shelby, Miss. to watch the Illinois Air National Guard train on unmanned drones.

Camp Shelby is located in what I would call prime Bigfoot stomping grounds.

In fact I tried, without success, to get WEEK-TV photog Doug Smith and reporter Ashley McNamee to accompany me back there to do a story on hunting Bigfoot.

Anyone want to go Bigfoot hunting with me in the backwoods of Woodford County?

Now that's a story I could get into.