Eureka beats bigger cities in Relay For Life

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

"We had a million dollar weekend," referring to Relay for Life totals said Nick Stroman. He handles media relations for the American Cancer Society.

Eureka outdid many much larger communities in the event when it came to fundraising.

Eureka, with more than 400 particpants, raised $163,000.

So far, only McLean County, with more than 1,400 participants and $581,000 riased did better than Eureka.

Pekin, with more than 400 participants, raised $125,000.

Morton, with more than 200 participants, raised $95,000.

Peoria, with more than 200 participants, raised $105,000.

The total raised, so far, is $1,069,000.

"We still have more money coming in for all events, since most had to close early due to storms," Stroman said.