Just trying to create some name recognition?

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Me thinks some one wants to stir something up in the so far less than exciting 18th Congressional District race.

In a Monday press release, DK Hirner, candidate for Illinois’ 18th US Congressional District, said she was joining Democrats across the country this week in calling out Republican’s in Congress who have consistently opposed ending tax loopholes for Corporations that ship American jobs overseas.

"Republican opponents of the American Jobs, Closing Tax Loopholes and Preventing Outsourcing Act specifically voted to keep and protect corporate tax breaks for companies shipping American jobs overseas. In fact, Republicans like Aaron Schock voted 170-1 to protect these tax breaks while American workers continue to struggle in these difficult economic times. The legislation included a provision to crack down on companies that take advantage of loopholes in the foreign income provisions of the tax code which makes it more profitable for them to outsource jobs," the release said.

“I don’t understand how any member of Congress, particularly one from Illinois where the unemployment rate hit 11.2 percent this year, can support the practice of providing tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship our jobs overseas,” said Hirner. “Aaron Schock has voted time and again in opposition to the interests of the hardest working residents of Central Illinois in order to protect the profits of outsourcing companies.”

Hirner said Schock received campaign contributions from big industry political action committees like Marathon Oil, Pfizer as well as Merck Pharmaceuticals, R.J Reynolds Tobacco, and Tyco Electronics, whose CEO and CFO were found guilty of corporate corruption in 2008. As these corporations pad the pockets of Congressman Schock, working families across Illinois are struggling to find or keep their jobs, stay in their homes, or send their kids to college.

“This District deserves a congresswoman who will stand up to corporate giants that ship our jobs overseas in order to give a few extra bucks an hour to their CEO’s,” Hirner said.

“I pledge to do just that for today’s hardest working families and to make sure we aren’t closing the door on our children’s future opportunities. I will only support legislation that seeks to create new jobs for Illinois’ residents, and oppose any bill that proposes to fatten the pockets of big industry’s corporate leadership.”