DeBlog - A cable company with communication issues is hard to believe

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

We have a story coming out in this week’s paper about Mediacom and Germantown Hills.

The story is incomplete. Press time came and went before we got the rest of the story.

It seems the village fathers have had some problems communicating with the cable company.

Woodford Times reporter Holly Richrath writes that with only three weeks until the Village of Germantown Hill’s cable franchise agreement with Mediacom is set to expire, a plan to renew has yet to be agreed upon.

The contract expires Aug. 1.

“They (Mediacom) sent us a proposed contract, we looked at it, had a public hearing and sent it back with a few changes,” Village Clerk Ann Sasso said on Monday.

Sasso added that multiple requests have been sent to the cable company in hopes of agreeing upon a renewal contract, but Mediacom has yet to reply.

“I’m not quite sure why they haven’t gotten back to us,” she said.

Village attorney Richard Joseph observed, “You can’t negotiate with someone who doesn’t respond.”

Joseph added that if the board looked to take action to “shut them down,” it would not be fair to members of the community who depend on Mediacom for service. Also, he said, Mediacom would fight back.

“They could fight us, but at least they’d be responding,” said trustee Steve McCown, who added that he is not interested in shutting them down. McCown said he is interested in “exploring options.”

Sasso was finally able to get someone from Mediacom on the phone.

The Mediacom representative said they have been “swamped” with work and did not realize the village was trying to contact them.

Mediacom plans to ask for an extension.

I find this situation unbelievable.

It’s hard to imagine a cable company that has communication issues with its customers.   

DeWayne Bartels is news editor of the Woodford Times.