4-H Fair brings back memories

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

For the past two days I have spent several hours at the Woodford County 4-H Fair. It brought back good memories.

Walking around took me back to my boyhood and attending the Tazewell County 4-H Fair in Pekin.

I grew up near the park. The park was like a second home to my brother and I.

We looked forward to the 4-H Fair even though we did not belong to 4-H.

We were city kids.

The 4-H Fair was a glimpse at a world we did not know - the rural world.

It looked like a pretty cool world.

That is what came back to me these past two days.

My mind was so rich in memories I almost did not notice I was soaked - soaked by rain on Tuesday and soaked in sweat on Wednesday.

For the memories this 4-H Fair brought back to me I feel I owe a debt.

I took more than 200 photos. More will be taken on Wednesday.

Next week look for the paper to be full of photos. Photos are captured memories. That is what I plan to give back - lots and lots of photos. Next week words take a back seat to photos of moms, dads, and especially kids.

Get your scissors sharpened. There's going to be pictures to cut out and put up on the fridge.