Rant & Rave: Your cash is not good here

Jeanette Kendall

On Monday, my boyfriend went to pay his car insurance at Insure One on University in Peoria.

When he arrived, the clerk was telling a man at the counter that it is Insure One’s policy to no longer accept cash for payment — only checks, credit cards or debit cards.

The man at the counter left his checkbook at home, so he couldn’t make his payment.

My boyfriend only had cash with him, so he couldn’t make his payment either.

I don’t know the reason for Insure One’s policy; it may be a good one. However, it still seems odd to me. Who would have thought that one day we would hear, “Nope, cash is not any good here.”

The instance at Insure One reminded me of something that happened while I was on vacation this month. At one hotel, I was told if I paid in cash, I had to also give a $50 deposit.

While I was slightly annoyed, I understood the hotel manager was just covering his bases in case there was any damage to the room. If the hotel has one’s credit card number any additional charges are just added. However, I didn’t realize that “normal” people were acting like rock stars and trashing hotel rooms so much that this has become an issue.

I thought cold, hard cash would always be good in the U.S.A. I guess the future is in cold, hard plastic.

Jeanette Kendall is the executive editor at TimesNewspapers.