Cathching up with ...

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

I like to take credit for good ideas, but this one has to be credited to a couple of readers.

Look for what I hope becomes a regular feature in the paper called "Catching up with ..."

This feature is one spawned by a couple of readers who said I should do a story on a couple of former Woodford County residents who have moved on, but left a mark on the world.

I have interviewed one of these two people already. He was a good interview.

I plan on running his story next week.

I want "Catching up with ..." to become a regular feature. But, that is up to you.

All you, the reader, need to do is put me in touch with a former neighbor, retired teacher, your grandkid who is in college or your son or daughter raising a family in Toad Suck, Arkansas (And, yes, such a place does exist).

Tell me a little something about them and how to reach them and I'll take it from there.

I think it will be fun for me to work on and fun for you to read.

Let's work on this together and have some fun.

Contact me at or 686-3130.