Wall of mistrust keeps getting taller

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

This week I wrote a story about family farmers having an issue with consumer trust.

It seems local hard-working farmers are being tarred with a wide brush as their factory farm counterparts do things that make consumers raise their eyebrows.

A Wednesday Associated Press story about the millions of salmonella-tainted eggs in our food system helps explain why family farmers have a trust issue to deal with.

AP reporter David Mercer wrote: "The recalled eggs that were already shipped to grocery stores and restaurants are being dumped by the truckload. But the eggs still being laid by potentially infected chickens will be pasteurized to kill any bacteria. Then they can be sold as liquid eggs or put in other products such as mayonnaise or ice cream.

"It's a common if little-known practice in the food industry — salvaging and selling products that may have been tainted with disease."

University of Illinois food science professor Bruce Chassy said the pasteurization process the eggs from these contaminated chickens will undergo will kill the bacteria that causes problems.  

Mercer reported officials at the two farms which have had more than 500 million eggs recalled said there is no reason not to use eggs from these infected chickens.


There's one more brick for the wall of undeserved mistrust local family farmers have to climb over.