Website warns beware in Metamora

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Before you travel this Labor Day holiday the National Motorists Association wants to familiarize you with the National Speed Trap Exchange.

The roadways, they say, will be a very busy place for travelers.

“With the combination of heavy holiday traffic, federally-funded ticketing campaigns, and financially-strapped local and state governments, motorists have good reason to feel like they have dollar signs painted on their vehicles,” the association said in a press release.

They offer a list for speed traps for each state. Check it out for yourself at

Metamora made the list.

An anonymous person writes to be careful on Route 116.

“Metamora police love to sit in the turn lanes/medians with their signal lights on pretending like they are going to turn when they are actually checking radar and looking for seat belt violations,” a reviewer wrote.

DeWayne Bartels is news editor of the Woodford Times.