Your question answered

DeWayne Bartels
Matthew Breitbarth blows leaves in his yard into a pile. He said he then hopes the village leaf vacuum truck comes around before they all blow all over the place.

The question

“Are the burning ordinances even enforced in Metamora?

“And, why do we have an expensive leaf vacuum if so many people still insist on burning leaves like this is the 1950’s?”

— Matthew Breitbarth, Metamora

The answer

“Yes,” said Metamora Police Chief Mike Todd.

The leaf-burning ordinance, which has strict regulations on when and how one can burn is enforced, but on a complaint-driven basis.

“This time of year I put out a reminder to my officers so they know what the ordinance says,” Todd said. “If an officer sees someone burning on a Sunday they should stop it.”

Todd said he understands some people may believe the police are ignoring the issue. He said they are not.

“We need the help of the public on this issue,” Todd said. “If people see something they need to call us. I’m not getting complaints.”  

What this means to you

Police will enforce the ordinance if they are notified.

But, that is little consolation to those who would like to see the practice eliminated, like Breitbarth and Todd.

“I’ve been against leaf-burning in the village. We have people with asthma and old folks,” Todd said.

“People rake their leaves out into the street and if the village is picking them up why should we have burning? I wish it would be eliminated. My wife is an asthmatic. I’m sympathetic.”