HEA seeks new members

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

The Woodford County Homemakers Extension Association offers education, opportunities for leadership, community involvement and fellowship.

HEA members meet monthly to learn about foods, nutrition, family relationships, public policy, consumer issues and much more.

Anyone - male or female, single or couples, young or old! Woodford County has 14 clubs called Units located across the county. These Units meet at different times and days throughout the month.

While education is HEA’s main goal, members enjoy many other benefits as well. HEA offers opportunities to:

• Learn new skills and share

• Recognize your potential & grow

• Develop leadership and  become involved

• Meet new people

• Increase volunteer commitments

• HEA offers all this and more

In the last month, the Tri-County Homemakers have seen presentations on Living & Cooking Gluten Free, Kazakhstan, The Underground Railroad and Illinois History, and the Study of Israel.

For more information, call Helen Heinz at 367-4481.

HEA educational programs are provided with the help of University of Illinois Extension, the U.S.D.A. and other land grant institutions. U of I Extension Educators translate research based information into practical advice that HEA members can use in their daily lives.