Private Pesticide Safety Education Program/ Pesticide Applicator Training update

Marion Shier

We all know that the State of Illinois is facing enormous financial challenges and record levels of debt.  Because of these challenges, the University of Illinois has undertaken a massive reorganization and this reorganization has precipitated a significant reduction in the number of agriculturally related staff positions.  Because of these staff reductions, the Private PSEP training and testing offerings will be drastically changed and reduced starting with this year’s opportunities.

State wide there will only be 14 Private PSEP Training/Testing dates/locations.  That is correct, only 14 to cover the entire State of Illinois.  To pre-register call (800-644-2123) or go online at

If your private license expires December 31st or you want to or plan to become certified by attending a PSEP Training/Testing workshop, you will need to pre-register for the session that you intend to attend.  

My reason for including this information now is to that you can write the dates/times/locations of the closest PSEP workshops and allow you to adjust your “Winter Schedule” to accommodate attendance.  The schedule is listed below:

Date        Location        Facility

Dec. 14    Springfield        Crowne Plaza

Dec. 17    Collinsville        Gateway Center

Jan. 6        Rockford        Clock Tower - B.W.

Jan. 7        Rock Falls        Holiday Inn

Jan. 10        Mt. Vernon        Holiday Inn

Jan. 13        Effingham        Keller Convention Center

Jan. 18    Springfield        Crowne Plaza

Jan. 28    Champaign        I-Hotel

Feb. 18    Kankakee        Knights of Columbus

Feb. 22    Peoria            Holiday Inn City Center

Feb. 25    Bloomington        Chateau Hotel & Conf. Center

Mar. 1        Galesburg        Best Western Prairie Inn

Mar. 4        Quincy            Quincy City Center Hotel

Mar. 8        Utica            Celebrations 150 Ltd.

In cooperation with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, University of Illinois Extension is offering the above listed Private Applicator training and testing clinics.

Preregistration is REQUIRED prior to at all clinics.  To pre-register call (800-644-2123) or go online at