Applications coming in for zoning director job

Catharine Schaidle

More than 50 applicants have responded to Woodford County's advertisement for a zoning director.

Now the number has been whittled down to five, and before proceeding further, the hiring committee led by County Board member Tom Janssen wants some clarification on residency.

That was an issue with the last zoning director, John Hamann, who lived outside the county, and the committee wants the board to be clear on the matter, said John Krug, who is also on the hiring committee along with Andrew Martin.

"That is the question I will raise at the County Board meeting ..." Janssen said.

Another board member said if the board confined applicants to those who reside strictly within Woodford County, it may lose out on some good candidates.

"Woodford County is very close to Tazewell County, and it would be too bad if we were to keep them out because of that narrow limit," Terry Pille said.

He referred in particular to areas near Spring Bay and Germantown Hills, which have an East Peoria address but are very close to the county.

"We'll just have to wait and see what the other members have to say," Pille said.

The zoning board had three staff members until Hamann resigned in May. Two months later, Jill Wilbanksa left, leaving Kim Holmes to run the office.

Initially, there had been some discussion of consolidating offices in an attempt to cut costs. But now, Krug said, "I believe most of the board members feel we need to fill that position."