Bird houses on display at Metamora Library

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

More than 30 years ago Washburn resident Michael Adami made his first birdfeeder so he could start watching the birds on gloomy winter days. 

His family enjoyed seeing the many different kinds of birds that gathered at the feeder; cardinals, blue jays, doves, sparrows, finches, grosbeaks.  Some stayed the year around and some were only passing through. 

He found it even more enjoyable sitting outside during the warmer weather and watching his feathered friends and listening to their different sounds.  So he started making birdhouses.   He now has 15 or 20 in his yard for the birds to use and a few more for decorative use.

Adami has brought a few samples of his birdhouses for a display at the Metamora Branch of Illinois Prairie District Public Library. One features a two story home for two families. A steepled church replica shows off the stained glass windows when it is lighted. Most are rounded wooden structures with metal roofs and one inch openings for his favorite bird, the wren.

Go to the IPDPL web page at to get an overview of the display.