ICC team helps OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Staff Writer
Woodford Times

Thanks to the Illinois Central College Softball team, the radiation oncology department at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center was able to purchase CAPRI, a new radiation delivery device that reduces patient discomfort and improves accuracy for treating female cancers using High Dose Rate brachytherapy.

Coach Heather Doty and her team presented a check for $1,600 to Dr. James McGee and Roger Crawford from the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center radiation oncology department on Wednesday.

In the information team members handed out during the fundraising efforts, they thanked contributors this way: "Your generosity will allow OSF to improve outcomes, decrease complications, decrease discomfort and improve the quality of life of women undergoing HDR brachtherapy. In addition, research is currently underway to determine if the CAPRI applicator will be effective in the treatment of other cancers."

Members of the ICC Softball team include Justine Phillips and Krista Polanin of Metamora High School.